September is recognized as National Preparedness Month, so it is time to check your readiness for any emergency.

Putting just a little effort into being prepared pays off big when you know what to do and have your supplies ready and available.

Are you ready for an earthquake? If you live on the West Coast you need to be! According to FEMA, the West Coast has the highest risk for powerful earthquakes across the United States. Over the next few weeks, we will feature simple steps for you to take to BE PREPARED!

How to Protect Yourself During an Earthquake

If you suddenly find yourself inside during an earthquake, do you know what to do?

DON’T go under a doorway!

DON’T run outside!


Many people have been taught to do just those things, but there is no protection from falling objects under a doorway, and trying to run outside could cause you to fall during the unstable earth movement.

Here’s what you need to do immediately during an earthquake.


Yes, drop to the ground, cover your head, and if you can get under a desk or table, hold on!

What if you are in a car during an earthquake?

Immediately pull over, stop and put on your parking brake.

What if you are in bed as the earth shakes?

Turn face down on your bed and cover your neck and head with your pillow.

What if you are already outdoors during an earthquake?

Stay away from buildings, powerlines, or trees where you could be hit by falling debris.

Our staff at EQ Insurance want you to stay safe during an earthquake, but we also want you and your family to be prepared for what can happen after the shaking stops. Stay tuned this month for more key steps to emergency preparedness. Next week we will brief you on how to make a Family Emergency Communication Plan. It is simple, and effective.

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