You have made an emergency plan, built an emergency kit, but how do you protect your home from an earthquake?


You can do some quick and easy changes inside your home to prevent additional damage from the earth shaking. For example, with shelving units, put the heaviest articles on the bottom shelves, lowest to the floor. China cabinets, bookshelves, armoires, large mirrors and pictures can all be bolted to the wall.

You can also strap and bolt your water heater. If your television sits on a console, connect simple straps that will keep your television from falling forward. (Straps can be found on Amazon for $10)


There’s also retrofitting for older homes. House bolting, foundation bolting and cripple wall bracing keep your home from being displaced from its foundation — making the building safer and less prone to major structural damage during an earthquake.

Studies have shown that retrofitted homes in areas hit hard by earthquakes have performed well with little or no structural damage. Retrofitting can also bring monetary rewards by getting some reimbursement from government programs as well as lower premium costs for earthquake insurance.


You can also protect your home by insuring it properly. Many people do not realize that their Homeowners Insurance Policy does not cover earthquakes! As an additional resource, if you want to see how much earthquake damage risk there is for YOUR HOME, check out our blog post on TEMBLOR by clicking here.

EQ Insurance Services can help you protect your home from damage due to an earthquake. We feature products from several companies with varying deductibles and convenient payment options so you can choose the right protection for your home. It’s simple to make sure your home is protected if the “big one” hits.

Please follow the link below to give you a fast and free quote for earthquake insurance for your home. Being prepared for an emergency gives you and your family peace of mind knowing you are ready, having planned ahead with protection for your home and family.

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