#1 “Californian’s live in one of the most seismically active regions in the nation, and natural disasters are on the rise.” Sue Miller, Regional Sales Executive with GeoVera Holdings, Inc.

#2 Two-thirds (2/3) of all the earthquake damage in the United States happens in California, yet 87% of California homeowners DO NOT have earthquake insurance. *

#3 There are 500 known faults in California. More than 70% of Californians live within 30 miles of a fault line. **

#4 An earthquake happens in California every three minutes. While most of these are too small to be felt, it is only a matter of time that one will result in catastrophic damage.***

#5 If your home has a greater than 25% chance of a flood over a 30-year timeframe, flood insurance is mandatory.  Earthquake insurance, despite the 60% to 72% probability of a large earthquake in California, remains optional. ****

The good news: with the high earthquake risk in California, there are several options for excellent earthquake insurance. Earthquake insurance now offers flexibility in coverage and deductibles, so you can customize a policy that is just right for your home. EQ Insurance Services can walk you through that process and provide the coverage that fits your needs. It is time to get prepared with the right earthquake insurance for your home and situation! In a disaster, the burden will fall on all homeowners whether they are insured or not, so be prepared and get the coverage you need now.

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