Dr. Lucy Jones, seismologist said it best, “We live in earthquake country, folks!” At that moment on May 1, 2017, she was referring to an earthquake near the Santa Monica fault, but it rings true throughout California and the West Coast.

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In February of this year, there have been 3 major damage causing earthquakes around the world: Taiwan (2/6), Mexico (2/16), and Papua New Guinea (2/25). Seismologists watching the faults on the West Coast have stepped up their warnings. If a large quake were to hit the San Andres Fault on the Peninsula in the San Francisco Bay Area, predictions say over 200,000 homes will be affected. By comparison, the number of homes damaged by Hurricane Harvey were under 40,000.

Experts say the daily “slippages” (a type of earthquake) in Danville, California seem to be swarming toward the Hayward Fault and predict what kind of damage that could produce. Out of curiosity, I went to the Interactive Earthquake Map on the Berkeley Seismology Lab website (you can find this link under the Resources tab on our website) this afternoon to just look at the real time earthquake activity in California. In the last six hours it showed ten different earthquakes throughout the state! These are daily occurrences, largely ignored by the media because they are not large enough to affect our daily lives, until of course, they do.

How many times have you seen disasters in other states and found yourself hoping that those people had the right coverage to help them? As I consider the warning signs I see on the West Coast with earthquakes, I ask the same question of myself and my neighbors “Are we ready for an earthquake that could make our safe places, our homes, uninhabitable?”

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